Rapidly take accurate orders that instantly appear for your kitchen staff to start preparing.

Online Ordering
Open up new revenue streams and take orders online through our e-commerce solution, TouchTakeaway. With just a flat fee and no commission for every order, seamlessly take orders without damaging your revenues.
Powerful Reporting
Our back office can generate detailed reports at the click of a few buttons. Less work for you, so you can spend more time focusing on your customers.
Highly configurable promotions that allow you to drive sales with targeted deals.
Product Management
Monitor the pricing over your estate and ensure you're selling competitively. The system can recommend pricing, hold scheduled price changes and more.
Smooth Food Service
Instantly send orders to the kitchen from digital handheld order tablets. Ensure every order is received perfectly.

Other Features

Customer Loyalty

Introduce benefits for loyalty members – encouraging repeat business and giving you an insight into your customers spending habits, enabling you to make business decisions that keep your customers coming back for more.

Automatically add loyal customers to GDPR-compliant newsletters to drive engagement with your customers.

Integrated Card Payments

Have the EPOS automatically send the amount to the card machine, speeding up service and reducing the risk of costly mistakes. Save valuable staff time keying in amounts, and save yourself money when they can no longer key in the wrong amounts!

With support for Contactless, Apple & Android Pay, you take payments even quicker than before.

Table Management

Manage every table in the restaurant to ensure pre-booked customers and walk-ins are efficiently served. Allow customers to book online, allocate deposits and track table turnover.

Handheld & Phone Ordering

Issue wait-staff with hand-held ordering tablets to ensure the kitchen receives an order as soon as it’s placed. With digital kitchen screens or an easy-to-read docket, ensure no order is lost or garbled during the dinner rush.


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