A single platform offering improved business processes

The Benefits

Differentiates site against other similar operations

The connection via cable, wireless or bluetooth passes the transaction data directly to the card machine. No mistakes, and no re-keying of data.

Help attract & keep customers without cutting prices

Process transactions over broadband connection for lightning-fast transaction speeds.

Encourage more people to visit & attend your sites and outlets

Continue to process transactions even if your connection goes down - your business won't go offline when your internet connection does.

Allow the site to centrally manage membership, gift, e-voucher & prepaid card activity across all sites

Track individual transactions and reconcile reports easily - no picking through a stack of card receipts.

Clear visibility of transactions & performance of your customer base

Contactless technology for wave & pay transactions. Support Apple Pay, Google Wallet and all contactless cards in one.

Provides controls for monitoring & influencing your customers

Fully UK based support for any issues you may have, whatever the hour.

Give as a gift card or e-voucher to others

Fully compliant payment terminals to keep your business within the law.

Register your gift card or voucher online and top up an account with brand-only value

Increase revenues from capturing spend on brandy only card or voucher

Loyalty Solutions

Branded cards

Personalise & manage cards across the brand, and also purchase e-vouchers online

ePOS Integration

Interfaces with your Sharp ePOS solution through cloud based management software.

Custom designed website

Customers can top-up and manage their own account from a website designed especially for your brand

Cloud-based CRM System

Ability to manage marketing campaigns, promotions and develop a database of customers.

Custom Mobile App

Your custom loyalty app will allow users to manage their account, collect points, redeem rewards, and pay, all from their smartphone device.

Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


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