Improve Food Quality

Improve Course Timings

Page servers automatically when food is ready

Ensure Best Practices

Management Summary

Management Summary

As well as displaying the active food orders in the kitchen, the system can also be configured to have a bar/collection screen which enables the serving and management teams to track table status of orders, offering greater transparency at their fingertips

Efficiency Increases

Never lose a slip of paper or have to run them across the kitchen again. Digital screens ensure the correct people see the order at the correct time, every time.

Improved Work Environment

End the days of shouting across kitchens for orders. Keep the kitchen quiet and less stressful - making it a better, less stressful place to work.

Kitchen Screens


Extensive reporting is available from within the Kitchen Management System. It can display:

  • Prep & wait times
  • Longest prep items
  • Problem item combos
  • Impact of new menu items
  • How kitchen copes in peak hours

Space Efficient

Clear your workspaces of paper tickets and printers. We use intelligent design to keep screens out of the way, but easily visible for staff.

Improve Quality

With less margin for mistakes to be made - you can improve the quality and service of your food offering. An improved work environment and detailed knowledge to how your kitchen runs means you can excel in all aspects.


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