Integrated CCTV

GeoVision Point-of-Sale integration links directly to our ePOS solution. Overlay real-time transaction data over the video for a complete picture of what is happening in your business. All transaction data is then stored on the system for access later using powerful search and reporting tools.


Ensure transactions are being completed properly - identify training gaps in staff, all the while keeping them and your patrons safe and secure with CCTV coverage.


With retail fraud being the number one cause of shrinkage, protect yourself. Flag up suspicious transactions, staff and investigate with full evidence available. Identify repeat offenders and protect from shoplifting, return fraud and more.

The Features

Cloud access

Watch over your business from wherever you are with live remote access over the internet.

Easy-to-analyse reports

Quickly filter and sort your reports. Search for no-sales and other common fraud indicators.

Protect from fraud

The number one cause of loss to businesses is employee fraud - protect yourself from shrinkage by easily identifying suspect transactions.

Full coverage

With up to 16 ePOS and camera links possible per system, you can rest assured there's an eye watching over your business.

Constantly recording

Retain all your footage for up to a month, depending on how many cameras you have. Review the footage when you like, and save particular clips to USB devices.

Motion detection & alarms

Set-up motion detection zones on certain hours - get e-mailed a snapshot and trigger your property alarm.

Event Search

No more trawling through hours of footage - simply search using products, staff or a time or by motion detection.

GeoVision Ingenico Verifone


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