Handheld Ordering

The professional, paper-free way to take your food & drink orders. Revolutionary software for hand-held devices, designed specifically for the hospitality industry. At the touch of a button, your entire order is transmitted to the kitchen in an accurate, easy-to-read format. With a single system to track orders on, lose the illegible order pads and switch to smart handhelds - with built-in reminders for servers to check whether the customer wants fries or potatoes, blue or medium rare steak - the system ensures it's all checked before it's taken.

The Benefits

From table to kitchen - direct

Once the order is confirmed, it gets sent immediately to the kitchen, virtually eliminating all mistakes

Clear & Legible

That means your chef can focus on the food, not the handwriting

Quicker Service

With no need for wait staff to visit the kitchen, the chef can get cooking immediately. Waitstaff can stay on the floor with the customers

Pay at Table

Paired with a wireless card machine - ensure your customers never have to leave the table - they can pay where they sit!


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