Digital Signage

Replace your static, fixed menu displays with digital menu boards. Present your menus in an attractive, enticing manner. Easily adjust your menu without the need for expensive re-printing. Open extra revenue streams by offering advertising slots on your boards, appearing in between or alongside your menus. Smart as well as attractive, the system will link in with your stock control on the EPOS system and automatically remove items from the menu when you are out of stock.

The Benefits

Links directly to ePOS

Seamlessly linking with your Stock control, ensure you're never advertising items that aren't available


Save money in the long run, with no more costly reprints for every menu adjustment you make

Professional presentation - simply

Stunning menus that you can adjust at the click of a button with no expert experience required.

Advertising income stream

Open new income streams by allowing advertising on your boards - sponsored rugby nights with branded menus - easy


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