YOUR Pub EPoS System

The complete pub point of sale system is designed to meet the high pace and hard working environment found in pubs. Fast moving products can be quickly setup directly on the pos or the fully integrated cloud back office system ensuring your stock is accurate and maximising your profit.

Ease of Use
A system that is simple for staff to learn. Configure so that new or temporary staff can quickly operate with minimal training.
Fast Bar Screens
Configure your system with fast moving products to ensure fast, accurate service even at peak times.
Product Information
Setup product and allergy information for your staff
Keep track of your stock ensures you never run out of items during busy nights.
Order to Table
Customer order to table designed for quick and seamless ordering.
Full Audit Trail
All clerk activity is stored on the till so you can investigate mishaps.

✔ Mix and Match

✔ Set Menus

✔ Happy Hours

✔ Vouchers

✔ Gift Cards

Stock Management

✔ Orders, Deliveries and Returns

✔ Recommended Ordering

✔ Real-Time Stock Information

✔ Stock Results

✔ Instant GP tracking

Integrated Payments

✔ Eliminate mistakes

✔ Reconcile End of Day

✔ Faster Service

✔ Table Payments

✔ Increased Security

Digital Screens

✔ Product Pricing

✔ Show in stock items

✔ Allergy Information

✔ Advertise Promotions

✔ Display Waiting Times

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Point of sale software which is intuitive, feature rich, reliable and proven. With over 20 years of development the software is continually updated with new hospitality and retail focused features.
Providing complete control over your business from anywhere. Full Stock Control, Staff, Pricing and Programming; The Cloud Back Office solution give you control over it all.

PocketTouch is a digital handheld ordering device that allows your staff to take your till directly to your customers and allows them to be served without having to visit the bar area.

Digital menu board fully integrated in to your point of sale system.

Create eye catching fully responsive digital signage.

Rotate between multiple menus and switch between drinks and food or lunch and dinner.

Order-To-Table solution for pubs & bars. Enable your customers to place an order and pay from their table or seat, with their personal device. Keep your customers and staff safe by minimising contact.

Our hand-held stock control device is small and mighty. Replace those paper print-outs and time hungry stocktakes with TouchStock. It delivers flexibility, ease of use and speed.

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