Bespoke Fast Food EPoS Systems

Our EPoS solutions easily handle the high pace of fast food, without breaking a sweat. Utilising the latest in technology to serve your customers as quickly as possible, we’re able to offer a system that can help your business thrive.

Rapid, Integrated Payments
Seamlessly and rapidly take payments using integrated card machines. We support all Contactless, Apple Pay, Google Pay and major Chip&PIN cards
Fast Service
Intuitive and quick software takes a load off staff with no slow downs so you can maintain a rapid service.
Digital Menu Boards
Integrate your menu boards with your EPOS system, so that pricing is never out of date, and customers always know what's on the menu.
Self Service
Once a customer has ordered at a self service kiosk, they can await their order in a separate collection zone, allowing the next customer to place their order quicker for seamless automated order processing.
When not in use the screen can be used as digital signage to promote upcoming events and promotions to interact with customers as they walk by.
Allergy Information
Allergen information is clear and easily identifiable so your customers can ensure if the product is safe for them or their children
Make Real Time Decisions
Touch Office Web gives you instant access to specific real time sales and stock data. All data is shown in easy to read charts and graphs, allowing you to easily spot and identify trends.
Stock Control
Know your stock levels, schedule and place orders and easily keep track of your ins & outs in real time. Report on wastages and returns and use stock variance to investigate missing stock.
Customer Collection Point

✔ Reduce Queues

✔ Estimated Wait Times

✔ Advertise

✔ Notifications

Digital Screens

✔ Multiple Screens

✔ Promotions

✔ Menu Rotation

✔ Automatic Stock Updates

Related Software Solutions for Fast Food and QSR

Point of sale software which is intuitive, feature rich, reliable and proven. With over 20 years of development the software is continually updated with new hospitality and retail focused features.
Providing complete control over your business from anywhere. Full Stock Control, Staff, Pricing and Programming; The Cloud Back Office solution give you control over it all.

PocketTouch is a digital handheld ordering device that allows your staff to take your till directly to your customers and allows them to be served without having to visit the bar area.

Digital menu board fully integrated in to your point of sale system.

Create eye catching fully responsive digital signage.

Rotate between multiple menus and switch between drinks and food or lunch and dinner.

Order-To-Table solution for pubs & bars. Enable your customers to place an order and pay from their table or seat, with their personal device. Keep your customers and staff safe by minimising contact.

Our hand-held stock control device is small and mighty. Replace those paper print-outs and time hungry stocktakes with TouchStock. It delivers flexibility, ease of use and speed.

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