The Benefits

Secure staff sign-on

Uniquely identify staff and monitor performance, all the while enabling staff to rapidly serve customers in a busy environment.

Reduce admin costs by allowing staff to clock in and out on the tills using their secure swipe-card or button. The system will manage everything for you.

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Stock Management

Protect from fraud, pricing errors and more. Track staff member actions on your system and follow the money through your business.

Automate your stock monitoring process, with the system taking control. Generate purchase orders automatically, do stock-takes when you like, and run bespoke reports to find stock items that have a habit of coming up short.


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Integrated CCTV

View live transaction data on the camera feeds. Get detailed information of each and every transaction to help you with training and complaint follow-ups.

Furthermore, monitor your business from anywhere. Remote access via the Cloud to your CCTV network just for you.


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