The Benefits

Secure staff sign-on

Uniquely identify staff and monitor performance, all the while enabling staff to rapidly serve customers in a busy environment.

Reduce admin costs by allowing staff to clock in and out on the tills using their secure swipe-card or button. The system will manage everything for you.

Flexible screens

Do business better with an intuitive layout for staff to use quickly and efficiently. Make your entire menu accessible within just a few button presses, so that every order can be prepared and served with accuracy. Enable information windows for more complex items that staff can refer to if required.

Post charges to a room

Charge to room

Charge restaurant meals, room service and more to a customers room charge.

Verify signature

Signature Verification

Get customers to verify the bill that's being charged to their rooms.

PMS Integration

Seamlessly integrate with Property Management System solutions to streamline your reservations system and save time & money.

More Benefits

Full operational control

Control every element of your business, from rooms, to restaurant tables, all from one tool - our ePOS

Intuitive screen layout

We use our 30 years experience to produce a design that will minimise staff training time and costs

CCTV ePOS Integration

Integrate your ePOS with our CCTV solutions, monitor all areas of your store and overlay key transaction information into the video, allowing complete peace of mind

Remote Order Printing

Send orders to the kitchen or bar from wherever you are - ensure customers receive fast service

Wireless Table Ordering

Give wireless-enabled tablets to your servers, and do away with the pen and paper pad. Have orders sent directly to the kitchen from the table

Reporting & Insights

Detailed reporting gives you unprecedented information about your business. Use this business intelligence to improve and enhance the way your business works


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