Cloud Back-office

Access live and historical sales data from anywhere in the world in real-time with Cloud back office. A fantastic tool for a business of any size, from a single site with a single till to 1000 sites with 5 tills each, easily gain an insight into every aspect of your business. View live sales and employee data, manage your employee time & attendance, and manage your stock, all in one place.

Reporting & Programming Suite

Easily view reports as and when you need them. Bespoke reports with up to the second data. Drill down to analyse trends and patterns. Give full control to head office staff over pricing, and let site managers or chefs take control over just their specials menu.

Stock Management Suite

The Stock Management Module gives a transparent overview of all stock on sites, as well as in the warehouse. Part and full blind stock takes ensure systems are kept up to date and accurate, with in depth analysis of reconciliation and variance levels. The system can optionally be set to recommend orders when minimum levels are reached. Once management has adjusted or confirmed the order an email can be sent to the supplier. Once the items have been delivered the system adds the order to the stock levels at a click of a button. Easily manage stock transfers between sites, too.

Full Receipt Data

View exact replicas of the receipt printed at the POS from wherever you are, and re-print if required.

3rd Party Integration

With the 3rd Party interface the back office system is compatible with several popular hospitality and retail packages, such as, Sage, Fourth Hospitality, iDraught, Unitech, s4Labour Scheduling, as well as many others.

Product Control

With its spreadsheet style interface, all aspects of programming can be changed quickly and easily, simple price changes can be amended individually or by product range. Allergy information can be added via the product control interface along with automatic screen prompts when a product is sold, ideal for upselling.

Keyboard Management

Visually maintain the look of your system via the keyboard manager. Each screen can be adjusted to accommodate different product, function or macro buttons with varying style layouts ranging from 2x1 to 15x12 button screens. Keyboards can be assigned to individual terminals, sites, regions or be sent to the entire estate.

Comprehensive Reporting Tool

Real-time reporting is standard with the Cloud Back-office. View standard reports, including, product sales, discount detail report, voids with reasons, products by payment, transaction log history and many more. Using the powerful product history tool bespoke reports can be created and saved for future analysis.

Stock Analysis

At a glance view apparent stock levels, based on point of sale information against the digital stock ledger. Automatically generate suggested orders for items that fall below their set minimum levels – Easily adjust the levels before automatically sending an email to the supplier. Run Ad-Hoc, Period and End of year stock takes to ensure accurate stock is maintained at all times.


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