Reduce the need for cash on school premises, queues and admin costs all the while improving school meal up-take and removing the stigma & bullying associated with free school meals.

Improve the health of pupils with integrated healthy eating awards scheme, and allergy alerts for pupils purchasing products with allergens.


Serve your staff their meals rapidly. Automatically give discounts, expense accounts for visitor meals or free meals to your staff.

Take payment by fingerprint, or by contactless smartphone, while taking payments online. Find out what your staff want with the comprehensive reporting suite.

The Benefits

Flexible screens

Do business better with an intuitive layout for staff to use quickly and efficiently. Make your entire menu accessible within just a few button presses, so that every order can be prepared and served with accuracy. Enable information windows for more complex items that staff can refer to if required.

Multiple Accounts

Associate multiple accounts to senior staff, allowing visitor meals to be put on expenses, and their own meals out of pocket.

Offline Operation

If your network goes down during trading, don't worry. The terminals can operate offline, with a maximum user spend. Once the connection is re-established, all sales are automatically sent to the back-office reporting software.


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