The Benefits

Secure staff sign-on

Uniquely identify staff and monitor performance, all the while enabling staff to rapidly serve customers in a busy environment.

Reduce admin costs by allowing staff to clock in and out on the tills using their secure swipe-card or button. The system will manage everything for you.

Flexible screens

Do business better with an intuitive layout for staff to use quickly and efficiently. Make your entire menu accessible within just a few button presses, so that every order can be prepared and served with accuracy. Enable information windows for more complex items that staff can refer to if required.

Powerful reporting

Our back office can generate detailed reports at the click of a few buttons. Less work for you, so you can spend more time focusing on your customers.

Highly configurable promotions

Using your sales data reports, create promotions designed to maximise your profits on the quieter days and hours. Drive sales and monitor staff upselling performance.


Customisable to your needs

With extra peripherals, such as kitchen management systems, customer-facing displays, contactless loyalty systems and more, you get a system that's just right for you.

Easy to learn

We use the experience that we've built on to design a system that is easy to learn, quickly. Staff can be trained and fully using the system within 30 minutes.

Stock Countdown

Running low on an item? No problem. The system will stop the product from being sold, and tell you precisely how many you have left to sell. Less time wasted telling the customer it isn't in stock.

Stock Management

No more frequent, lengthy stock-takes. Let the system monitor your stock levels, alert you when you're low, and even generate purchase orders automatically.

Time & Attendance

Let the system take control of employee clock-ins. Staff use their secure sign-on to record the time they clock in, go for a break, and go home. The system gives you a detailed report when you want one.


Build a relationship with your customers and improve customer retention. Offer deals just for loyalty card-holders, point schemes, all the while building a customer database.


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